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Mom, Teens, Cheer Fresh Fish Menu

Palm Beach Post
September 25, 2008

The menu reads seafood, steak and “killer” sushi, and it’s long and pretty much satisfies all tastes. The beef is Kobe, there’s Bento boxes, 30 sushi rolls, sashimi, salads, soups, entrees for the landlubber.


Definitely Asian, with blacks and reds, and kind of metro. It’s a small restaurant, about night stools at the sushi bar and maybe five to seven tables for four. Take a trip to the beautiful ladies room and get a crash course in Japanese from the overhead speaker while washing your hands.


My teenagers and I shared a sushi/ sashimi platter ($28), a rock shrimp tempura roll, ($11) , an eel roll($7), and an aloha roll ($13). I’m a huge white fish fan, so the sashimi platter (hold the salmon, bring more white fish) was a big hit with me. We left happy as a clams.


fish, really fresh, melt-in-your mouth fish.


Our server was patient for the indecisive ones at the table, fast and courteous with us all.


The place is small and the noise was minimal.


There’s no kids’ menu, but there was a small child eating there.

 Laura simon, Note: Post staffers will anonymously visit a restaurant in your neighborhood each week in search of the best menu item. They’ll tell you about that item and why they liked it in this spot each week.